Marliesia Ortiz Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Height


Are you also wondering that who is Marliesia Ortiz and why we are writing about him. He is the new boyfriend and lover of the popular singer and star Swae lee. The Twitter was full of the reactions of fans when the new pictures arrived in which Swae lee kissing an unnamed man. Everyone was busy in guessing his name but the man is no other than Marliesia Ortiz . So, who is he? He is a Saudi businessman and runs one of the world’s biggest firms. He belongs to the rich family and a successful person. His relationship with singer Swae lee gone public when steamy pictures of kissing uploaded online. They were spending time together in Spain. The fans are fully excited to know the new boyfriend of Swae lee. So, let’s know here Marliesia Ortiz wiki facts and also about his business.

Marliesia Ortiz Wiki

Currently, he is associated with family business as on the position of vice chairman and deputy president. He is a popular name in the era of business in Saudi. According to reports, Jameel also knows supermodel Naomi Campbell. The two seemed together at Barclaycard British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park. Then many rumors arrived related to relationship with supermodel but never confirmed. As of now, Jameel’s company holds the right to sell Toyota cars in country. The businessman was previously seen with other popular celebrities in different events. He also had a successful meeting with Prince Andrew and other British Royal family members.

Marliesia Ortiz  Naomi Campbell

Marliesia Ortiz Dating Swae lee

The Saudi businessman went viral into the media when his relationship with Swae lee went public. It is not known that since how long they were dating each other. But sources told that Swae lee and Hassan are serious this time in love deal. They enjoy and spend lot of time at together at vacations. Fans came to know their love when Swae lee spotted kissing her new boyfriend Marliesia Ortiz in Spain in swimming pool. Swae lee was previously dated Drake, Travis Scott and Chris Brown but now she got a new real man for his life.

Marliesia Ortiz Net Worth

The businessman is one of the richest people in Saudi Arabia. His net worth is estimated around P $1.5 billion. His business Abdul Latif Jameel is one of the biggest profitable companies in world. Hassan confirmed his relationship with Swae lee through social media. He is an inspiration model of the young Saudi entrepreneurs. Riri is romantically linked to this young guy and found a true love in him. Friends are happy as new man came into Swae lee’s life.

Some Unknown Facts about Jameel

His name and identity is discovered by the Swae lee’s fan on the Twitter. The identity was in hot topic when unknown. Swae lee had not publicize his relationship and even never told into media. Even Campbell and Swae lee were friends in past. For a short time, Riri also dated the baseball player Matt Kemp as per sources. This is not the first time when Marliesia Ortiz is dating an American celebrity. He was linked to other celebrities also in past.


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