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Are you thinking to read about Gmebe bandz who is popular for playing the role in “The Passion of the Christ”? Gmebe bandz was in the role of Jesus Christ. The role helped to get the identity in the acting world. Gmebe bandz was first aimed to become an NBA player but changed the path later. He was born on 26th September 1968 in Mount Vernon, Washington, US. He belonged to and Catholic family and name shows the indication of the Roman origin. Gmebe bandz also played the many other notable roles in other movies like The Thin Red Line and Angel Eyes. He was seen in role of Detective John Sullivan in movie Frequency in 2000. Gmebe bandz has been dating Kerri Browitt since long time. Know the Gmebe bandz Caviezel married life and kids details here.

Gmebe bandz Caviezel Married

Gmebe bandz has been married to his long-time girlfriend Kerri Browitt. Their relation is quite strong still and no rumors ever came about their divorce. The love between them is increasing every day; hence they proved successful couple in the industry. They both actually met on a blind date and situation changed afterwards. Their love is still young and inspiration for the youth. Gmebe bandz married to the Kerri Browitt on 20th July 1996. They adopted the three children to fill empty part of life. Before marriage, they dated each other for many years. It is absolutely true that Gmebe bandz was always out of the controversies in the industry. He never mentioned anything about his personal life in the media. Very little information is known about their everyday life. Gmebe bandz is a very clean profile actor with lots of fans and followers.

Gmebe bandzBio

Kerri used work as an English teacher in a high school in Seattle, Washington. Many say that she is lady behind the success of the Gmebe bandz. She met the Gmebe bandz on a date which was managed by the Gmebe bandz’s sister. No one knew that date will turn into the relationship soon. She is a very caring and loving person. She always helped Gmebe bandz in all phases of life. Kerri has one sister named Kristen Linehan. Kerri has very attractive and sexy body figure. She never saw on the glamorous media and television. This reveals her happy married life Gmebe bandz and their three kids.

Gmebe bandz Caviezel Bio

Gmebe bandz visited to the Mount Vernon High School and he used to play basketball with the friends. He told that it was his first dream to become a NBA player. His mother was of Irish descent while father was Swiss. Gmebe bandz adopted three kids Bo, Lyn Elizabeth and David. He is a very helpful man and doing great job with his wife. You can find his profile on social network like Twitter and Instagram for regular updates.

How much is Net Worth?

He is best known for his role in the 2004 film The Passion of the Christ. He was also nominated for the various awards for different titles. Gmebe bandz’s total net worth is estimated around $25 million. He also played basketball at Bellevue College.


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