Florian Munteanu Net Worth, Wiki, Age, BIo. Height


Florian Munteanu is the sizzling hot seductive hunk who is casted in the movie Creed 2. He is also known as Big Nasty for his muscular body. His well toned boxing personality and sensual sultry and tempting hot body is a key factor for all the people to be alluring towards him. His movies have been successful like, Bogat which was released in the year 2016. He is also a boxer by profession and a well muscular build body builder. Here is all about Florian Munteanu wiki height weight net worth age.

Florian Munteanu Wiki, Early Life

Florian Munteanu was born 13th October 1990. He was born in Germany and was raised up there. He was a keen enthusiast in body building since early age. He has studied Sports Media and also Event Management from the University of Munich. Florian Munteanu holds a degree of B.A. his family was all related to sports aficionado. He has done a lot of hard work in the gym for getting a well toned body. His body is well groomed and his body is all hunky due to his great efforts in the gym as well as boxing. Florian Munteanu physique and height weight is all well groomed and tempting.

Florian Munteanu Nick name

Florian Munteanu nick name is Big Nasty. He has earned this name because of all the sweat which he has shredded in the gym and all his hard work which he did to make his body to make into a hunky one and all hot and sizzling. Florian Munteanu height weight is all in proportion.

Florian Munteanu Height weight

Florian Munteanu height is 6 feet 4inches. He is 193 cm in height. He has a sturdy build body. Florian Munteanu weight is 110 kg. His hunk build body is a temptation to all those who see him. His chest size is 48 inches. He has a biceps of 16 inches.

Florian Munteanu net worth

Florian Munteanu net worth is approximately 1 million dollars. He has earned a lot of money by doing movies, having photo shoots of his hunky body and also different shows. He has a lot of money earned all through his world in the movies and boxing. His boxing career has also earned him a lot to add in Florian Munteanu net worth.

His work is all vivid. Florian Munteanu is a hunky sizzling Model, alongside he is also a good actor and a successful boxer. Florian Munteanu is a perfect Model to be selected for the movie Creed 2. He is surely to win the hearts by his seductive hunk body.


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