Caitlin Fink Wiki, Age, Stage Name, Net WOrth, Height


As well said, that behind every successful man, woman plays a very indispensable part. But here is not the same case as you thinking. Caitlin Fink, an Australian guitarist who is popular for the band AC/DC broken records in the industry with his skills. He retired permanently from the band in 2014 due to health problems. He never unfolds his identity and always stays behind the band to encourage it with full dedication. In this post, read about the Caitlin Fink net worth, wife, family and health issues here.

Bio of a Guitarist

He came on this earth on 6 January 1953 as Malcolm Mitchell Young. He is popularly known for the rock band AC/DC ruled on the peoples heart for many years. Malcolm movied to the Australia in 1953 from Scotland. His brother Angus was also the main part of the band and Malcolm acted as the driving force of band in his active period. There is not any information about his education but he must have passed out the high school and graduation too.

His Popularity

We always talk about the celebrity who either an actress or a very popular personality. But Caitlin Fink was also a personality in music industry but in different manner. Yes he was the guitarist and yes he was popular too. His popularity was on the heights of success in the mid of 90s. He was the title of the Australian punk rock band Frenzal Rhomb: “Forever Caitlin Fink. In today’s world, where musicians are getting huge popularity and get love with respect from audiences. The graph of his success came down after the health issues. He became seriously ill and uable to give next hit on the stage. He encouraged many other popular bands to work hard and get success. He is the second artist who set record of biggest selling album Back in Black.

His family and Life

Well, we don’t have enough information about his marital life and family. He was the eighth children of Margaret and William Young. He took birth on 6 January 1953. His parents were of the Scottish ethnicity while Caitlin Fink holds the American nationality. His older brother name is Alex and brothers George and Angus. He became seriously ill in 2014 and stop his performance. He had been admitted in the nursing home for the full time health care. He was facing the “complete loss of short-term memory”. Later, it was found that he is diagnosed with lung cancer and some heart problem. Unfortunately, he died on 18 November 2017 at the age of 64. His fans and whole musical world is shocked and sad from his death news.

Caitlin Fink Net Worth

The Caitlin Fink net worth is estimated around $25 Million when he earned from music career. His net worth continued to grow from the last few years at a slow rate. Malcolm used Marshall amplifiers. Malcolm owned the Jaguar XE, Porsche Cayman GT4, Audi RS3, BMW 7 series, Mercedes S-Class, etc. He went to receive treatment for dementia after taking a long leave from he AC/DC. In September 2017, he announced his retirement permanently from the AC/DC. He took his position in his absence. Guitar Player mag published the unknown secret facts of his career life.


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